The 16th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates took place in Bogotá, Colombia, from 2-5 February, 2017. The World Summit included a series of high-level panels and ceremonies led by Nobel Peace Laureates, heads of states, and leaders from humanitarian organizations from around the world. This year, the World Summit focused on the historical Colombian Peace Process that is currently underway, with guests ranging from civil society representatives, academics, artists and journalists, to victims and survivors of the armed conflict, representatives of indigenous communities, the head negotiators to the peace talks, supporters and critics of the peace agreement, and former members of the main Guerrilla groups.

In addition, the international delegation of the Youth Association for Peace had the opportunity to participate at the summit’s youth program “Leading by Example”. This official youth program featured a specially designed curriculum with interactive workshops led by Nobel Peace Laureates, leaders of Nobel Peace organizations, experts, academicians, and accomplished youth, providing students with practical tools and first-hand experience of peace work. Besides, participants had the opportunity to apply for the Social Change Prize for the promotion of students’ initiatives and social projects to affect social change in sustainable peace and development at the local or global level.
More than 26 Nobel Peace Laureates, representatives from international organizations, NGOs, and more than 600 youths from all over the world came together to exchange opinions about current issues of and promote initiatives for peace, non-violence, social and economic justice, the rule of law, the environment and sustainable development. So much food for thought, inspiration, and motivation! Next step: Let’s turn it into action!

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