15th World Summit of Nobel peace Laureates
15th World Summit of Nobel peace Laureates

Dating back to 1999, the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates is an annual event organized by the Permanent Secretariat which serves as a venue for exchanging opinions and promoting or even developing international peace initiatives. During the three-day long event, panels are held where Nobel Peace Laureates discuss current issues of peace, non-violence, social and economic justice, the rule of law, the environment and sustainable development. Additionally, the Laureates as well as representatives of international organizations, social businesses, academia and governments conduct workshops giving students the opportunity to meet with high-profile leaders and social activists from all over the world in a unique discussion environment. The Youth Association for Peace provides students and other young people from all over the world with the opportunity to participate at the summit as part of an international youth delegation.


  • Inspiration for peaceful and humanitarian thinking
  • Practical tools and first-hand experience from the Nobel Pace Laureates and the people who made history in peace making
  • Networking and access to activities and projects in social field
  • Unique opportunity to find financial support from the Summit’s sponsors to promote students’ initiatives and social projects
  • Reading a living book of history – direct access to the historical figures

The participation at the World Summit as well as the official Youth Program is free. With your accreditation as Youth Delegate of the Youth Association for Peace you will have access to all sessions, workshops and events that are part of the summit. Each delegate is responsible for his/her own travel costs (flight, accommodation, meals etc.).


The online registration to the 17th World Summit will open soon. Stay tuned and get one of the limited spots with the YAP delegation! Meanwhile, get some impressions of the delegation’s experiences at the 15th World Summit held in Barcelona and the 16th World Summit held in Bogotá.